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Your Trusted Partner for Superior Steel Fabrication and Construction

Your Trusted Partner for Superior Steel Fabrication and Construction 

Are you an engineer, architect, or a discerning general contractor seeking a reliable and high-quality subcontractor for your steel fabrication and construction projects?

Look no further than Austin CG, as a premier name in the industry, we specialize in delivering exceptional results that meet and exceed your expectations. 


Customized Project Planning 

Tailored planning for each unique project, focused on client-specific needs.

Design and Budget Consultation

Early engagement with clients to set design and budget guidelines.

Shop Drawings 

Detailed shop drawings, compliant with AISC standards.


State-of-the-art fabrication services, adhering to AWS D1.1 welding codes.

Material Procurement

Efficient sourcing of high-quality materials.

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Safety and Compliance

Safety is more than a priority; it’s a core value that permeates every aspect of our operations. Our unblemished record of zero accidents stands as a testament to our commitment to providing a secure work environment on all job sites.

Compliance with OSHA Regulations
We set the industry standard by rigorously adhering to all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Our team is trained and certified, reinforcing that compliance is a non-negotiable aspect of our safety culture.

Preventative Measures
Accident prevention is our strategy, not our reaction. We focus on ongoing safety training, regular equipment inspections, and frequent safety audits. Our proactive approach allows us to mitigate risks before they escalate into issues, ensuring everyone’s well-being on the job site.

Safety Culture
Every individual within our organization understands their role in maintaining a safe work environment. We continually reinforce the importance of safety through regular safety meetings, toolbox talks, and safety incentives.

In summary, our impeccable safety record is more than just a statistic; it’s a reflection of our steadfast commitment to safeguarding our team, clients, and projects.

Clarity in Collaboration: 

We understand the critical role that clear communication and effective collaboration play in the success of any construction project. As a leading Structural Steel Contractor, our efforts are designed to align seamlessly with contractors, developers, architects, and engineers.


Transparent Quoting 

 Our transparent quoting system offers detailed, itemized quotes, removing any ambiguity and establishing clear expectations right from the start. 

Collaborative Planning 

We initiate regular planning meetings with all project stakeholders. Here, we establish a clear project roadmap, aligning on key milestones and deliverables. 

Technical Accuracy 

Utilizing cutting-edge industry software, our team conducts precise calculations and design planning to ensure structural integrity and compliance with all relevant codes and regulations. 

Open Communication 

We maintain open lines of communication with all involved parties throughout each project. Regular updates and quick responses to queries form the core of our approach. 

Document Clarity 

Our commitment to clarity extends to our documentation. Contracts, drawings, and compliance documents are prepared with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they are clear, concise, and comprehensive. 





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